How to Wear Colored Jeans for Girls & Guys

Colored Skinny Jeans
Colored Skinny Jeans are a great way to add some spunk to your wardrobe, but how do you wear them without looking like you are the next act up in the circus…. It is an fine line between a Do or a Don’t. I have created some styling tips to help you find the best way to stay fashion forward and rock colored trousers.
Glam Rock

When investing in new items for your wardrobe it is important to get pieces that create a complete outfit, but can also be used to fit with multiple looks. You want your look to tell a story. It is the first impression someone is going to have of you. When shopping, the best way to keep your wallet in check and your time well spent is to have a plan. Go in at least having an idea of the look you are wanting to buy for. Pick out pieces that go together, but that you know you can wear with other items you have in your closet as well. Look for items you can layer, or unlayer to keep your style all year round.

A basic striped tank can be worn to top off your glam rock look with red skinny jeans, but you can also wear it with black or blue jeans. Red lip stick and nail polish can be a signature look for any night out and black heels are easily used as a go to for almost any outfit!

How to wear colored skinny jeans

We all know that darker colors are more slimming for any area you want to not attract attention too. So, how do you wear colored skinny jeans when you do not want to attract attention to your hips? It is simple! Don’t be scared to rock some color, you just have to pair it with the right pieces. Tops that are flowy and come down over the top of your jeans help hide any unwanted attention to your womanly figure.

If you want to wear a more fitted top; keep the shirt long enough to come down to the top of your pockets on your jeans. Keep your shirt color simple and basic. Add on a loose blazer that matches the length or is longer than your shirt. To lengthen the leg and give yourself a more lean slim appearance add at least a 4 inch heel. This helps to elongate the appearance of your legs and take away from you hips.

Don’t forget accessories! A long chain necklace or layered necklaces can also give you the appearance of a longer torso and a leaner look.

How to Style Colored Jeans

Ok, so you have found the perfect colored jean, but now what?
The two biggest things are being conscious of what makes your body look its best. Here are some easy ideas to add to any color of jeans that look good on almost any body type. Decide what type of style you are wanting to go for before you leave the house. Take the jeans with you and have a mini fashion show in the dressing room. Try on different type of tops and see what looks best for you. What works for someone else, may not be the best look for your body type. Putting the look all together before you buy is the best way to ensure your happy and confident with you choices!

How to Style Men's Colored Trousers

Alright guys, I didn’t leave you out! Here are some great ways to rock those colored jeans and not look, well, ridiculous. I think it is sexy when a guy is confident enough to really rock his own personal style. Generic is out. Spicing up your look is in. A boot cut is the best look for most colored trousers or jeans. Don’t get them to tight. If  you are going to go bold with a yellow trouser, keep the top simple. A clean look with a belt and brown or black shoes can really make this work. Remember, if you wear a brown shoe… wear a brown belt. Layering is key. If you are going to wear a colored pant, you are making a statment. It is the perfect time to throw on the blazer in the back of your closet and show us what you got. Who cares what your boy’s say… Ladies love a man in a blazer.

Lets be honest, you can never go wrong with a leather jacket. When in doubt, wear it.

Hope this helps! Send in your colored jean pics! Show us your style!

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