We Voted!

Election Day 2012

We voted! 

My grandmother is in town from Nicaragua, so Logan and I spent the evening having some quality family time as we watched the election result come in. Did you vote? Tell us about your experience and your opinions on the outcome in the comment box below!

My patriotic Election Day 2012 attire!

Some of our other Fall Festive adventures!

Logan and I spent part of the weekend in Blowing Rock, NC. We visited and ventured through some of the stores downtown, ate ice cream, went shopping, watched people make candles and learned how to play the Dulcimer. Blowing Rock is always so festive and simply gorgeous in the fall! While we were there, I ran into my friend Bri! No matter where I go, it’s inevitable, I’m going to run into someone I know! I was excited to see her and her family!

Downtown Blowing Rock, NC

 While we were shopping, Logan bought me this gorgeous charm. It’s a charm with my birthstone, sapphire, that is adorned with a flying bird. I absolutely love it. I plan on collecting new charms on each of our adventures. Until I get more charms to add to this one, I decided to attach it to one of my custom 5000 necklaces. I think it is the perfect match that I am obsessed with wearing!

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